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Magnetic therapy

The natural way to be snore free

The Be Snore Free Pillow Pad uses neodymium magnets to create natural magnetic fields that open the airways and stiffen the upper palette, reducing the occurrence of snoring.

In addition to a drastic reduction in snoring, many of our clients have also reported significantly better sleeping patterns whilst using the pillow. The benefits of which include increased energy levels, healthy skin and body and a more resilient immune system. On the other hand a lack of sleep, or disrupted sleep, can lead to fatigue, depression and weight gain amongst numerous other issues.

Innovative technology

The potential of magnets in a medicinal context is rapidly being realised, most recently as an alternative to face-lifts. The increased circulation of blood caused by the magnetic fields carries a greater quantity of oxygen to the skin cells; giving skin a younger, healthier and firmer appearance.

Neodymium magnets have also been used to alleviate the symptoms and pain associated with health conditions such as arthritis, back and muscle pain and joint pain.

NASA use neodymium magnets to help maintain muscle tone in astronauts during space flights.

4 simple steps to a great night’s sleep

Step 1

Step 1

Open your existing pillowcase...

Step 2

Step 2

...and slide your Be Snore Free Pillow Pad on top of your pillow.

Step 3

Step 3

Place the pillowcase back over both the pillow and Pillow Pad.

Step 4

Step 4

The result is a barely noticeable change to your existing pillow – and a great night's sleep!

After years of snoring in my sleep...

The natural way to stop snoring for good!

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and be snore free
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