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The Be Snore Free pillow Pad has a 94% success rate

"Wow, this really works! My wife was having trouble sleeping and the first night I used it she had the best sleep in a long time. Overall I think it's cut my snoring back by about 80%! Occasionally I will snore a little bit, but usually only because I have rolled off the pillow! This really is a clever thing, it just slides in with your existing pillow and the results are amazing!"

Matt Collison

"After years of snoring in my sleep and keeping my girlfriend awake, I decided to invest in one of BeeSnoreFree's pillows, and from the first night it made a massive difference and I have a much happier sleep. Very impressed by the product!"

Murray Luckhurst

"I bought a pillow for my husband's snoring, as it gets really loud, especially when he drinks. It has never been a major problem, but his snoring does wake me up occasionally. The pillow has worked very well and now snoring is not an issue when he has alcohol before he sleeps"

Kim Poole

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